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New Packaging

If you've been following our Tea Tuesday series, you would have noticed that we've been trialling a new packaging design on those teas — we'll we're excited to announce that we are beginning to roll out the new design across our range of teas. Let us know what you think!

informal tea new tea packaging design

This Week In Tea #4

Bleeding Shark Teabags, 14 Shades of Tea, Toxic Tea, and potential Princess who now sells tea are whats been happing this week.


shark tea bag 

Bleeding Shark Tea Bags 

This is the kind of thing that would only be made in Japan — a Japanese seafood company is developing tea bags in the shape of great white sharks which bleed as they're brewed. Why a shark? And why is a seafood company making tea bags? Who knows. If for some reason you want to learn more, check out the article here.

14 Shades of Tea.

No not a top selling book exploring the sexual depths of tea (not yet, at least). Apparently theres a lot on the line when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of tea —  Rich Cooper breaks down different shades of tea to determine what it says about your character, lifestyle and ultimately what you contributes to society. Have a look.

Toxic Tea.

A nasty story out of America where a woman received chemical burns to her oesophagus after drinking tea tainted with a cleaning product used to remove grease from deep fryers. Read more here.

What Could Have Been.

The Guardian has an interesting story about Suad Fadul, a 70 year old woman from Darfur who once could've been a princess. Instead she now sells tea on the streets of Khartoum’s poorest neighbourhoods. Read the story.

Suad Fadul Darfur Making Tea


Introducing: Tea Tuesdays

Tea Tuesdays Informal Tea

When we launched Informal Tea back in 2011, we had a simple focus. To build a small range of the very best teas that we could. There was (and still is) no shortage of tea brands trying to fob off mediocre versions of every tea under the sun and we didn’t want to be like them.

5 years on and we find ourselves still not wanting to be like them and their un-inspired blends. So this year we decided that we wanted to push ourselves even further by embarking on a completely new adventure. This year we’re setting ourselves the challenge of launching a new tea blend every week.

From here on in, Tuesdays will be know as Tea Tuesday. A tearific teausday celebration marked by the release of a hand crafted limited edition tea specifically blended for that week.

On this adventure, we will travel into the outermost depths of tea’s frontier badlands. Each week will explore alternate experimental methods, creative and uncommon combinations alongside a host of regional, vintage, varietal and artistic elements that make up a tea’s distinct personality.

Make no mistake, the logistics of rapidly launching bespoke tea's on the go will be a nightmare. There will be tears, delight and despair. But the thrill of discovery and our unwilling appetite for sacred tea knowledge is what fuels us on this path.


The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Tea

When Tea Goes Bad — 27 horror tea fails. $1,100 Tea Tasting in Vancouver and 20,000 Tea Workers on Hunger Strike in Kenya. So much good and bad going on in This Week in Tea #3


An attempt at a cup of tea by @jen_prior It's not supposed to be this white is it?! #tea #worsttea

A photo posted by Niall Sullivan (@niall_1988) on

When Tea Goes Bad

Metro magazine offers 27 pictures that will fill all tea-lovers with rage and despair. #3 and 20 are truely depressing, I don't know what could have gone wrong to end up with #5. #13 is heartbreaking and utterly gutted for #14 ...have a look

$1,100 Tea Tasting in Vancouver

You often hear about the famous Japanese Tea Ceremony. But what about China? They have a ceremony too, albeit a very expensive one. Have a look at what you can get with a $800usd ($1,100nzd) traditional Chinese and incense ceremony. ... read more

20,000 Tea Workers on Hunger Strike

This week, 20,000 tea workers in Kericho, Kenya have gone on hunger strike over working conditions and pay rates. They're after a 30% pay increase and 1 rest day per week — is 1 day of rest a week so much to ask? Almost every week I read a story about tea farmers on strike. It's both a good and a bad thing — it's good that the employees are standing up and demanding more rights, but disheartening that the exploitation of tea employees is still a weekly accordance. You get what you pay for, cheap tea = cheap labour... learn more

This Week In Tea #2

Tea Dueling is a real thing. Silent zen tea-bars run by the deaf. And 79% of Brits think the that adding milk before tea in your cuppa is 'Disgusting'


tea duelling madness in England

Tea Dueling — Its a Thing

In the small English village of Sutton-on-Trent, Tea Duelling is a real thing. Competitors  dunk their biscuit for five seconds into cups of tea specifically-heated to competition standards. They had to hold out for as long as possible before taking a bite into their biscuit. The loser would be the first to give in to temptation.... check it out

Tea before milk.

We typically drink our tea black, but if you add a dash a milk to your brew, you might often wonder, what do you add first — tea or milk? Well you can always trust the Brits to get to the bottom of these tea matters. They've conductd an official survey in the matter and the results are pretty blunt — not only do 79% of Brits think the tea goes first in a cuppa, a fifth of Brits surveyed said putting milk first is “disgusting”. Haha more

Silent Tea Bars

A mobile traveling pop-up tea bar in Singapore run by deaf staff is promoting the benefits of silence and relaxation through teas. Founder Anthea Ong says the tea bar was designed to not only “encourage silence and awareness for the modern, busy lifestyle,” but also “create an inclusive environment for the deaf.” ...learn more