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About Informal Tea Co

We like to look at tea as an art form. From growing and production right through to the hands on blending we do here in New Zealand, every stage offers us the chance to do something special and unique. That's what we have our hearts set on, and this is how we do it...

Our organic tea is sourced from equally passionate micro-producers who produce tea using the most natural and traditional methods available. Back at home, we blend the tea with real herbs, flowers and berries — no added flavors, and all certified organic to EU regulations.

We don't do anything fancy. We certainly don't have food scientists or million dollar machines extracting and infusing tea with complex chemicals and compounds. We're just your everyday kiwi blokes, blending real tea with real ingredients. It's a simple method, but it means that you can see what you're drinking, and what you're drinking is good!

For more info about how we started and what we believe in, check out this page.

We have close to a million plans in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled on our blog and follow us on facebook.