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Informal Tea Company New Zealand — Buy Loose Leaf Organic Tea Online

Loose Leaf Organic Tea.

Informal Tea Co is a mindful tea company. We carefully select our artisan teas from micro-producers and hand blend it ourselves in New Zealand. Our Green, Black and herbal tea blends taste extra good because we pay extra special attention to a few key aspects that make all the difference.

Make Art - Make Love - Make Tea

Bio-diverse Green & Black Teas

We source organic loose leaf tea from passionate micro-producers who grow tea in bio-diverse locations. As apposed to a typical monocrop plantation, this method guarantees that our teas are grown as traditionally and natural as possible. I guess you could call it free-range tea. It not only produces the worlds best organic tea, but it also promotes long-term environmental sustainability, protecting both our farmers and their valuable land from nasty petrochemical pesticides and fertilisers.

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No Added Flavours

Next time you brew up a cup of super deluxe tropical tangerine and lime tea, have a look on the back of your bag of exotically flavored tea and we bet you’ll find one main ingredient vaguely named ‘flavouring.’

We stay well clear of these suspicious, chemically derived flavourings. Instead we choose to blend our delicious green and black tea with real life organic ingredients that have real world names. Things like herbs, flowers and berries. It's a simple method, but it means that you can see what you are drinking, and what you're drinking is actually good for you.

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