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Pure Green

Pure Green Tea

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Informal's super smooth and mellow
single estate green tea is the basis
of all that we do.

When we we're launching Informal Tea, we tested tons of organic tea samples from all around the world. We wanted a tea that was unqiue and blew away the competition. The result was our flag ship Pure Green Tea.

We had no idea about micro producers or what kinds of processes and complexities went into making tea when we first started Informal Tea, but when we found a tea that tasted this good, we knew we had found our winner!

freshly picked green tea leaves

Freshly picked leaves.

It wasn’t until we started looking into and researching the tea and where/how it was grown that we discovered how well it was produced. It's amazing to think that you can really taste the difference in this tea, that all the hard work from the tea farmers really pays off!

Informal Tea Pure Green Organic China New Zealand
 Pure Green's bio-diverse tea garden

This special organic green tea begins it's journey to your cup from the remote and expansive Qiyun mountains in China. The tea leaves are carefully hand-picked during the dawn of spring when the leaves are at their supple best. Using techniques refined and passed down over hundreds of years, local tea-masters skillfully pan dry the leaves to produce a high grade tea with none of the grassy bitterness found in many green teas. The process of making this tea results in a special tea called 'Liu An Gua Pian' which is regarded as the most complicated green tea to make.

making informal tea pure green tea organic pan dry

After the leaves are picked, they're swiftly placed in a wok and heated to 120degrees in small batches of just 100g which softens the leaves and prevents the oxidisation process. From here they are then moved to a cooler wok at 70degrees where the leaves are shaped.

wilted tea leaves

Wilter tea leaves after wok frying process

informal tea baking process

Next comes the 3 step process of drying the leaves. The wilted tea leaves are placed in baskets and dried over a charcoal fire at 100degrees. Here the tea blenders specifically use coal from Chestnut Trees. The Chestnut coal is a key aspect because it's doesn't produce a smokey aroma which allows the tea to retain it's sweet supple flavour.

chest nut charcoal tea drying

The tea is dried to about 80% and then left for a day. In the second drying stage, the tea is dried to approximately 90% at 120degree, during this second stage the tea's unique fresh floral aroma begins to develop and the tea shape is refined.

The third stage is considered the most crucial in the production of this tea. Here the leaves are placed over 180degree heat for just 5 seconds, stirred and then removed from the heat. The process needs to be repeated 120 times in order to dried the tea to its maximum and seal in the teas flavour and aroma.

The result is a green tea unlike any other, and one we think is the absolute best you'll find at this price range.

Due to the extreme care in growing and crafting this tea, the leaves hold their flavour well and can be brewed up to 5 times — which works out pretty economical, if you're that way inclined.

Find out more about how Informal tea is grown. 



Product Origins:

Liu An Gua Pian Green Tea, Qiyun Mountains — Jiangxi province, China