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Manuka Honey, Lemon & Ginger

Manuka Honey, Lemon & Ginger Tea

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About Manuka Honey, Lemon & Ginger

We thought we'd begin Tea Tuesdays with a Bang, or more like a buzz (Sorry, couldn't help ourselves!).  Spring is here, the flowers are starting the bloom, the bees are starting to get excited and so should you. We've come up with an invigorating and lively tea unlike any other we've blended.

manuka honey lemon ginger tea

The world renowned herbaceous pazaaz of New Zealand Manuka* is the perfect match for zazz of locally grown organic lemon and a zing ginger. Artfully blended with lemon verbena, kaffir lime leaf, lemon grass and rosehips to give it a complimented depth of flavour.

Wether you're in need of a health kick tea to brush off those winter bugs, or a bright uplifting tea to help you boost into spring, this is the tea for you.

manuka honey lemon ginger tea

 manuka honey lemon ginger tea

manuka honey lemon ginger lemon balm lemon verbena green tea

*Manuka honey is not certified organic