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New Detox Tea

organic liver detox

Here's something exciting! We've collaborated with good friend and health/wellbeing expert Kim Renshaw from Kimmithgone on this delish Detox Tea. 

The detox tea is specifically good at cleaning our your Liver and Kidneys and is designed to accompany her 1-3 day cleanse pack — but you can happily drink it on it's own!

Liquorice root, dandelion root milk thistle ginger star anise tea organic

The tea has been blended from organic Dandelion Root, Liquorice Root, Milk Thistle, Ginger and Star Anise  (and it's caffeine free).

It tastes really good (if we don't mind saying so ourselves!) and we're selling it with and without the Kimmithgone Cleanse from $19.99. More info here.


detox tea plus cleanse diet book