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Pregancy Herbal Baby Tea New Zealand

Pregnancy Tea Tea

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About Pregnancy Tea

Our caffeine free herbal pregnancy tea is designed to prepare you for pregnancy and relieve morning sickness.

Originally conceived (excuse the pun) by tea blending mistro Chris for his wife Melissa's pregnancy, our pregnancy tea is blended from organic Raspberry leaf, Ladies Mantle, Nettle, St John's Wort, Horsetail and Yarrow Flowers. 

Ingredients and Health Benefits: 

Raspberry leaf: Helps to strengthen the uterine muscle and suppress morning sickness. Raspberry leaf promotes effective and less painful contractions during birth and supports recovery after birth. 

Lady's Mantle: Helps to strengthen and prepare the uterus for birth and assists post birth with recovery of the womb.

Nettle: A well nutritional herb which supports overall health and offers both you and your little one iron, calcium, magnesium, trace minerals, vitamins (A and C) and enzymes

St John's Wort: Used as a natural remedy for mild to moderate depression, St John's Wort is renowned for strengthening the nervous system and alleviating tiredness and fatigue which makes it beneficial for sufferers of mild anxiety during pregnancy and helps relieve pain from backaches, headaches, neuralgia, sciatica, backaches and headaches.

Horsetail: With a high silica content, Horsetail helps to strengthen the connective tissue of the uterus.  Its astringent properties help to reduce the risk of haemorrhage and bleeding during pregnancy and as a diuretic, it helps to prevent urinary irritations like cystitis.

Yarrow Flowers: Acts as a vein tonic to prevent haemorrhoids, varicose veins and blood loss during Pregancy. Yaorrow also aids the elimination of urinary irritants to prevent cystitis.


This herbal remedy is typically used from week 12 of pregnancy.

Please check ingredients for any known allergies, consult your doctor before use and discontinue use if irritation occurs.