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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Tea

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When Tea Goes Bad — 27 horror tea fails. $1,100 Tea Tasting in Vancouver and 20,000 Tea Workers on Hunger Strike in Kenya. So much good and bad going on in This Week in Tea #3


An attempt at a cup of tea by @jen_prior It's not supposed to be this white is it?! #tea #worsttea

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When Tea Goes Bad

Metro magazine offers 27 pictures that will fill all tea-lovers with rage and despair. #3 and 20 are truely depressing, I don't know what could have gone wrong to end up with #5. #13 is heartbreaking and utterly gutted for #14 ...have a look

$1,100 Tea Tasting in Vancouver

You often hear about the famous Japanese Tea Ceremony. But what about China? They have a ceremony too, albeit a very expensive one. Have a look at what you can get with a $800usd ($1,100nzd) traditional Chinese and incense ceremony. ... read more

20,000 Tea Workers on Hunger Strike

This week, 20,000 tea workers in Kericho, Kenya have gone on hunger strike over working conditions and pay rates. They're after a 30% pay increase and 1 rest day per week — is 1 day of rest a week so much to ask? Almost every week I read a story about tea farmers on strike. It's both a good and a bad thing — it's good that the employees are standing up and demanding more rights, but disheartening that the exploitation of tea employees is still a weekly accordance. You get what you pay for, cheap tea = cheap labour... learn more

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