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This Week In Tea #2

This Week In Tea #2

Posted by Informal Tea Co. on

Tea Dueling is a real thing. Silent zen tea-bars run by the deaf. And 79% of Brits think the that adding milk before tea in your cuppa is 'Disgusting'


tea duelling madness in England

Tea Dueling — Its a Thing

In the small English village of Sutton-on-Trent, Tea Duelling is a real thing. Competitors  dunk their biscuit for five seconds into cups of tea specifically-heated to competition standards. They had to hold out for as long as possible before taking a bite into their biscuit. The loser would be the first to give in to temptation.... check it out

Tea before milk.

We typically drink our tea black, but if you add a dash a milk to your brew, you might often wonder, what do you add first — tea or milk? Well you can always trust the Brits to get to the bottom of these tea matters. They've conductd an official survey in the matter and the results are pretty blunt — not only do 79% of Brits think the tea goes first in a cuppa, a fifth of Brits surveyed said putting milk first is “disgusting”. Haha more

Silent Tea Bars

A mobile traveling pop-up tea bar in Singapore run by deaf staff is promoting the benefits of silence and relaxation through teas. Founder Anthea Ong says the tea bar was designed to not only “encourage silence and awareness for the modern, busy lifestyle,” but also “create an inclusive environment for the deaf.” ...learn more


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