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Posted by Informal Tea Co. on

Sheesh, what a busy couple of months it's been! We've had our heads down and working hard through spring and now (as usual) we have some great secretive things in the pipeline!

For now though, I'm stoked to announce that we've fired up pottery production today and the first of our 2nd line of teacups are starting to take shape (should be ready for Christmas!)

Informal Tea Cups Handmade in Tauranga New Zealand

It hasn't all been hard work though. Spring is an epic time for harvesting (specifically tea harvesting!). Oranges and Mandarins aplenty. Then you've got fresh flowering Rosemary...

wild grown rosemary tauranga new zealand

And the less common act of picking Rosehips...

rose with rosehips

picking wild grown rosehips tauranga new zealand

collected rosehips in a bowl

I like to cut off the tips off of the Rosehips before I dry them in either the sun or a hot water cupboard. Once they're tried, chuck them in some hot water and boom, you've got yourself a super healthy Rosehip tea.

preparing fresh rosehips


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