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Paper Plane Launch

Posted by Informal Tea Co. on

informal tea at paper plane store opening

This Tuesday we helped celebrate the launch of our new stockiest Paper Plane in Mt Maunganui. It was a massive night where you couldn't even move for the first half hour! We served up a ton of tea, caught up with friends and made a couple new ones.

All in all a good night!

Amongst the chaos, Tim managed to snap a couple of instagram shots. From the heap of great furniture, gifts, notebooks etc etc, I'd have to say the title of favourite product has to go to local potter Sarah Backler's porcelain cups. They're really really nice, such a good idea, and the cups are so delicately light they're almost anti-gravity.

sarah backler ceramic porcelain cups

paper plane mount maunganui new zealand

These photos don't really do the place justice, but luckily some others have done a much better job of documenting all the glorious Scandinavia-comes-to-the beach awesomeness. Beautiful Bedlam did a nice blog post on Paper Plane, as did FANCY! 

If you're in our neck of the woods, you can check out the shop in real life here:

Paper Plane
99 Maunganui Road,
Mt Maunganui,
New Zealand

You can also find paper plane on facebook

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