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Posted by Informal Tea Co. on

We spend many man hours trawling the world's blogs and websites drooling over tea pots and exotic locations. After amassing a small collection of bits and pieces, we thought we might share some of it with you.

Here are 5 great blogs about tea and teaware:

I'll start of with a beautifully photographed blog, Harmony of Tea has a nice balance between tea and teaware content.

Harmony of Tea recently had a great behind the scenes look into the studio of one of our favorite Czech Republic potters, Peter Novak. Peter's work is really epic. Rugged and natural, each piece has a soul of it's own


If you want to see some of Peter's finished pieces, his blog Pots and Tea is a rather good place to start. And as the name of the blog suggests, it's not all about tea pots, he writes a fair bit about tea.

When a lot of people think of China, a vision of this mass industrialized polluting behemoth machine comes into mind. But in reality, there are actually a vast areas of untouched land. Apparently China has more organic land than New Zealand has in it's total land mass. So there's something to think about.

Of course the pollution in parts of China are a huge problem, but if you want to learn more about rural China where good tea still comes from, Expat American Scott Shangguan writes a great blog about it. Chinese Tea Culture is full of interesting stories and a great way to learn more about Chinese tea. Scott's Flickr Album is pretty interesting to flick through too.

Another great website for an insight into China's backcountry Steve Behncke's travel blog. Steve travelled to China in 2012 to source down tea seeds from China's most famous tea plantations. He kind of succeeded, but the adventures he had and the people he met made for a great story.




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