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Good Magazine

Posted by Informal Tea Co. on

Who spotted our tea in Good Magazine this month?!


informal organic tea in good magazine

Fresh from winning the 'supreme magazine of the year' award, Good magazine continues to be jam packed with a ton of great stuff. (Like those cups? You can get them online from Trade Aid).


good supreme magazine of the year 2012


There is a great article on organically grown tea...



organic tea fields in good magazine


Some worrisome facts...



30 percent of the worlds land in unproductive


Apparently due to the over-use of petrochemical pesticides and fertilizers, America is losing it's essential top soil at 10 times the rate of it's natural repletion, with India and China and further 20 and 30x faster. Not ideal. On a brighter note, there is a nice uplifting story about Riding for The Disabled...



riding for the disabled in good magazine


And there's loads more great stuff in there, so go grab a copy.



good table of contents


What do you think?


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