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Happy New Year!

Posted by Informal Tea Co. on

Owning a business in New Zealand is great, you not only get to party away the end of your typical gregorian calendar year, but you also get to celebrate (or dread!) the new tax year!

The year has treated us pretty well and before we start to think ahead to the new business year, we thought we might have a look back on what we've been up to over the past year. Considering everything thats posted on Facebook seems to fade away into the endless black hole of information, never to be seen again, we came up with a cunning idea to save some of it from the digital abyss.

So... here we present to you:

"2012-2013, a year in the Facebook life of Informal Tea — Greatest Hits Collection"

As always, we did a ton of fun markets including the first indoor winter season for The Little Big Markets.

informal tea at the little big markets winter edition

We also hooked up with some really great people. Ooooby did a great promo offering free brownie with Informal Tea purchases. Chris was the only one of us lucky enough to taste some and said it was aaamaaaazing.

ooooby brownie yum

The odd piece of tea wisdom filtered through to us such as this piece from the lovely Charaine of the soon-to-be-world-famous Tag Burger.

make art make love make tea

We can really relate to this proclamation...

I am glad i was not born before tea

Our resident potter Tim has been absorbing inspiration throughout the year.

RM pottery

RM pottery2

Although, our much anticipated 'coming soon' tea cups are still just that, coming soon…

informal tea handmade tea cups

Informal Tea Co's #1 employee, Mr Tea Plant did his best throughout the year

new zealand organic tea plant

And we must congratulate him on bringing 12 new little ones into the world!

growing tea in new zealand

Fun times indeed, here's looking forward to another year of tea goodness!


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