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New Season Keemun

Posted by Informal Tea Co. on

keemun maofeng mao feng tea

We're just in the middle of packing our new season Keemun Mao Feng for our Real Black tea but we've had to stop and take a break to admire how good this tea is! I must admit, our tea producers are really out-doing themselves this season. There's some absolute world class leaves in this new batch such as this one.

keemun maofeng leaf in a tea cup

While we were training up Rose from The Bread and Butter Letter the other day, our main man Pete came up with a rather pleasant analogy of the process of making black tea that I just have to share. Imagine baking a banana. If you bake it for a long time on a low heat, it will end up undesirably slimy and sloppy.

But if you bake the banana quickly on a really high heat, you'll create a crisp delicious crust that traps all the sweet, gooey goodness inside. It's kind of the same thing you're trying to achieve with tea, to trap all the goodness inside this crisp protective exterior.

infusing a keemun tea leaf

Anyway, back to our new Keemun, the flavour has been pleasantly sharpened this season. The wood-fire charcoal flavour has a cleaner definition which reminds me of 2 really great things; Wood-fired pizzas, yum. And long summer nights chilling around a bonfire on the beach with good friends.

One more thing I've recently realised is that not only do the crew over in Keemun know how to produce some of the worlds best wood-fired tea, but they also have some mad skills in stacking timber. The ends of each stack are well done, but I like the method they use along the ground to keep wood dry off the ground.

stack of wood in keemun chine

keemun tea stack of timber

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