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Posted by Informal Tea Co. on

We're delighted to announce the release of Auckland based trio Teacups' positively uplifting ep, Ever Upward.

Last year the multi talented Talita Setyady put on a rather royal High Tea to raise funds for recording of her band's album and we happily brought the tea.

For the event Talita also teamed up with the generous souls at The Bread and Butter Letter, The Vintage Table and The Caker. It's safe to say the fund raiser was a success and it looked rather impressive indeed:

teacups new zealand high tea party auckland

The tea looked good, but it was no match of Talita and co's food...

high tea party pasteries

And by the looks of things, Dave Parker's ginger bread house (with little wee ginger bread men inside!) really stole the show...

high te party ginger bread house

(photos by Clint and Jo Chang)

Coincidentally, The Bread and Butter Letter are about to move into a new shop on K Road and they've decided to take us with them! We're stoked to be a part of their awesome shop, and we'll be reporting on this after the big launch night in about a weeks time.

the bread and butter letter shop moving to k road 

And while we're at it, we might as well get one more plug into this bog post:

If you like Teacups' music, you should also check out their lead singer Chelsea Jade Metcalf's other musical project Watercolours who we really enjoyed at last year's Waitakere Festival



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