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Exotic Adventures

cambodian mountainside village

Sometimes we sit back and think about what a great idea it was to start a tea company. Not only have we ended up an endless supply of some of the best tea in the world, but whenever friends or family head overseas, they usually feel compelled (well... maybe we hint just a little bit) to bring back even more tea for us.

Tim's parent's traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia last month and although neither country is especially known for their tea, they managed to smuggle some back into the country. This Lotus flower tea is definitely a winner and looks pretty damn nice...

lotus flower tea cambodia

The green tea is generally a bit primitive and rugged. It has a distinctively strong perfume and tastes similar to Oolong. It's pretty rough really, but they have some interesting blends that taste good like this chunky bitter melon blend:

cambodian bitter melon green tea

Bitter melon might not sound like the most appetising fruit to blend with tea, but it tastes more sweet than bitter. The same goes for this ginger blend. I've had some pretty average ginger teas but this one balances out quite nicely on top of the Cambodian tea.


cambodian ginger tea 

They also rock a fair bit of jasmine tea over there...

cambodian jasmine green tea 

It wasn't purely a tea sourcing mission though, They saw some of the amazing Cambodian and Vietnamese countryside too...

rise paddies on terraced cambodia mountainside

rugged wood shack in cambodia

They traveled up a long brown river.

mekong river

And saw some beautiful blue water too...



near china bay vietnam

vietnam island junkboats



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