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Flavours X2

This weekend marks the launch of Informal's 2 new flavors of tea at the Little Big Markets. We're releasing the most premium of premium black teas into the world alongside a crisp mint blend featuring Spearmint, Peppermint, Rosemary and Lavender. It's gonna be good.

While we're on the topic of flavors, we thought we'd brew up an update to our original post a month or 2 ago about our locally inspired flavor ideas from the Informal orchard.

Blueberry tea idea from Informal Tea Co.

Not only are the Blueberries looking a tad bluer, but the Pomegranate tree has burst out into color. Pomegranates are completely off the hook — Tim used to live off these things when we was in India last year and they are possibly one of the craziest fruiting things we've seen. Check out the process:

Pomegranate tea idea from Informal Tea Co.

It's impossible to do the colour true justice on a screen. But they start off as these bright red buds, almost as bright as the brightest thing ever. They slowly split open…

Pomegranate flower bud

Until they quite literally explode into a flame-like flower.

Pomegranate flowers are like flames

Which drops off just as quick as it came.

Pomegranate flower dropped off

It closes back up and transforms into a bulbous pomegranate.

Pomegranate tea option from Informal Tea

Nature is mental. Anyways. The apples are out in abundance, looking pretty crisp and juicy I must say.

Crist apple tea idea for Informal Tea Co.

There's so much abundance that they're almost hanging-out on the ground. Lazy Apple tree.

Apple tea idea for Informal Tea Co.

These sneaky Blackberries would make a pretty luscious tea but we ate them all.

Wild Blackberry tea idea for Informal Tea Co.

As would the Guavas, that cant be far away from turning red.

Guava tea idea for Informal Tea Co.

Maybe we should throw a few lovely rose petals into a tea for the ladies?

Need to get some Rose petals in Informal Tea

And how fresh are the leaves looking on Informal Tea's #1 tea tree?!...

New Zealand Tea plant by Informal Tea Co.

This tree is going to make some fine tea one of these days!

Local New Zealand tea grown by Informal Tea Co.

Remember to come down to the Little Big Markets this coming Sunday (4th of March), 9am till 1pm for a taste and the chance to get your hands on our new teas. Everyone whos anyone will be there.



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