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Fruitful Ideas

Posted by Informal Tea Co. on

Every now and then we've gotta get out of the Informal offices and stretch our legs and re-energize (Big Bad Bruce from HR enforces it as a health + safety measure to keep our insurance premiums down). We don't need much more motivation to get out now that summer has finally arrived, and a quick walk around the garden turn mini-orchard reveals a few deliciously fruitful flavor ideas.

Informal Tea summer nectarine tea idea

Nectarines — far too tasty for tea? Probably.

Informal Tea blueberry tea idea

The Blueberries not looking so blue.

Informal Tea summer grape tea idea

We think grape tea will devastate the wine industry.

Informal Tea tamarillo tea idea

Tamarillo Tea has a nice ring too it. Not sure how tasty it would be. But if it sounds good, it'll sell good. Thats our advertising department's motto anyway.

Informal Tea fejoa tea idea

How Kiwi are Fejoa's?

Informal Tea kiwifruit tea idea

Not as Kiwi and Kiwifruit, obviously.

Informal Tea citrus organce tea idea

We really have to start representing the citruses more — Orange, Lime, and maybe some Grapefruit — Yum.

Informal Tea apple tea idea

A crisp apple would go down a treat. The possibilities of tea are endless! Just don't steal our ideas, otherwise Mad Marty Mustang from R&D will teach us a thing or two about sharing company secrets. 

Nah jokes, Marty and I are close as.

Happy summer! 

A classic Hydrangea at Informal Tea Co Tauranga

Hydrangeas — classic.

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