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Berry Nice Iced

Posted by Informal Tea Co. on

 Informal Tea iced for summer

Oh man it's been a hot day. Down at Informal HQ, we've ceremoniously skulled back our first iced tea for the summer. We're pretty sure they'll be going down our throats faster than we can chill them, but thankfully they're super easy to make with Informal Tea.

If you can see yourself sipping a berry tea like this bad boy, all you have to do is brew up 3 scooped spoons of Berries Etc with 2 cups worth of water for 4-5 mins. Add a spoon of honey to sweeten and place the tea in your freezer until chilled. Pour into a chilled long glass with tons of ice and add a couple of mint leaves for sophistication.

To brew up a Lemon-ish iced tea, just follow these steps but with a tad less honey cause it's already sweet as.

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