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New Biodegradable Eco Bags!

Posted by Informal Tea Co. on

We are rather excited to announce the release 
of a new range of biodegradable eco bags!

This first run is super limited and 
we expect the bags to sell out rather quick!





The Story

We love being in the tea industry and supporting organic growers from New Zealand and abroad, but if theres one nagging voice in the back of our head, its the one shaming us from packing all this wonderful tea in thick, multi layered, energy intensive plastic bags which take hundreds of years to break down.

We've all heard of the Great Pacific garbage patch, the floating gyre of plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean, estimated be somewhere between .5 and 8% the size of the entire Pacific Ocean (That's possibly larger than continental United States!).

Every person, and every business in the world needs to do something about this problem. Today we're taking our first step by introducing an eco options to every tea in our range.

The bags are manufactured here in New Zealand (Hamilton to be precise) and believed to be the first packaging of its kind in the world. The bags have been internationally certified to EN13432 for composting and biodegradability meaning that they can completely biodegrade in as little as 14 weeks in a compost environment

What do you think?


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    hostasy on

  • Did you ever restock these? This is exactly what I am looking for. Would you consider putting your tea in a box or paper bag just for its journey down to us?

    Josephine on

  • As someone trying to live a zero waste lifestyle by remaining plastic free, trying to source staple items such as tea and coffee that is not wrapped in plastic is incredibly difficult! Well done for reducing unnecessary waste and introducing an eco-friendly product – when you have it back in stock I’ll be a regular customer!

    Chloe on

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