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Posted by Informal Tea Co. on

It seems like we're always rabbiting on about how we're on this constant cosmic journey to improve and refine our teas.

Honestly, it's not just some marketing fluff, we really have re-developed each of our teas countless times over the last few years.

Quite often we re-photograph the teas to better reflect the changes we make. And it's actually a rather technical and challenging feat to document the characteristics of such a small product. We can't just chuck a scantily clad woman in front of our teas like Porsche or Ferrari do (or could we...?)

No sir, we've got to get in close and use our delicate tea manoeuvring skills to show off all the texture and personality that sets our teas apart from the competition, so that's what we do.

Below we've got some examples of how our photography (and teas) have developed and evolved over the years.

On the left, you've got our very first product shot of both the lemon and berry teas. And then on the right you've got the current shot of the teas in the amazing state that we've refined them to.

organic goji berry tea evolution

organic lemon green tea evolution

Both photos really reflect the importance we've placed on sourcing really really good, chunky and healthy ingredients for our teas.

And we're not done yet, we are pretty sure that there is still a vast ocean of improvements we can make to our range, and that our teas are only going to get better and better into the future.

authentic keemun maofeng tea

In the regular product shots, it's hard to get an idea of scale, but above is a closeup photograph of our Real Black Keemun tea on a tea spoon and on the left you can see the black tea bowl which we photograph our tea in.

It looks like the tea is photographed on a black saucer or dish right? We'll it's not, its a little wee Chinese tea cup. Pretty sweet yeah?

small matt black tea bowl

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