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Chamomile & Mint  Tea

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The previous week's Rooibos was a sell-out-smash-hit so we thought we'd continue our run of super-chill caffeine free evening teas with a calming Chamomile & Mint tea.

We've combined locally grown Organic Mint leaves from Northland with some of the best Organic Chamomile flowers, plucked fresh from the rolling meadows of Germany — a simple blend from the finest ingredients where the photos really do speak for themselves.

chamomile and mint tea organic new zealand

A truely wholesome blend, Organic German Chamomile is well known for it's superior sweet and floral aroma, it has been used for centuries and proven to possesses anti-anxiety properties to reduce stress and insomnia. Both Chamomile and Mint are used to settled the stomach, reduce stomach cramps and chest pain.


Brewing Instructions:

Infuse 1-2 teaspoons of tea per cup of water. Steep for 5 minutes, strain, serve and enjoy.

You might like a try adding a little honey added to chamomile tea which helps brings out the natural sweetness of the flowers.

Serve hot of an invigorating Spring tea or iced for a refreshing summer beverage.

organic chamomile and mint tea informal tea


Organic German Chamomile and New Zealand Mint Tea


What's Tea Tuesday?

When we launched Informal Tea back in 2011, we had a simple focus. To build a small range of the very best teas that we could. There was (and still is) no shortage of tea brands trying to fob off mediocre versions of every tea under the sun and we didn’t want to be like them.

5 years on and we find ourselves still not wanting to be like them and their un-inspired blends. So this year we decided that we wanted to push ourselves even further by embarking on a completely new adventure. This year we’re setting ourselves the challenge of launching a new tea blend every week.

From here on in, Tuesdays will be know as Tea Tuesday. A tearific teausday celebration marked by the release of a hand crafted limited edition tea specifically blended for that week.

On this adventure, we will travel into the outermost depths of tea’s frontier badlands. Each week will explore alternate experimental methods, creative and uncommoncombinations alongside a host of regional, vintage, varietal and artistic elements that make up a tea’s distinct personality.

Make no mistake, the logistics of rapidly launching bespoke tea's on the go will be a nightmare. There will be tears, delight and despair. But the thrill of discovery and our unwilling appetite for sacred tea knowledge is what fuels us on this path.