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Made in NZ Tea Canisters

Made in NZ Tea Canisters Tea

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About Made in NZ Tea Canisters

The Design

We’ve worked with long time tea aficionados MAHI-MAHI DESIGN to bring you this very special stackable tea canister. Keeping things as local as possible, this range of canisters are hand-spun and anodised by New Zealand master craftsmen and are specifically designed to preserve your exquisite tea leaves in

the optimum cool and dark conditions. When stacked, a minimalist tower unites multiple blends of delicious tea un-cluttering valuable storage space.

Intentionally manufactured in New Zealand the carbon footprint is minimal and all material is recyclable or biodegradable.

 handmade tea canisters


Pure Green

Informal's super smooth and mellow single estate green tea is the basis of all that we do. This special organic green tea begins it's journey to your cup from the remote and expansive Wuyuan mountains in China. The tea leaves are carefully hand-picked during the dawn of spring when the leaves are at their supple best. Using techniques refined and passed down over hundreds of years, local tea-masters skillfully pan dry the leaves to produce a high grade tea with none of the grassy bitterness found in many green teas.

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It's Chai

At Informal Tea, we blend the absolute highest grade organic Sweet Cinnamon, Cardamom,Ginger,Fennel,Clovesand locally grown orange with our organic Black Tea — no added flavors and all certified organic to EU standards. e result is one of the most supreme Chai teas you'll ever taste. is tea brews up a rich golden colour with a well rounded flavour. We use true Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum, aka Sweet Cinnamon) rather than the lower grade Cassia because it tastes better, and that's all we really care about.

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Classic Black

A humble yet sophisticated large leaf tea picked deep within the mountain- ous Fengqing region of Yunnan in South West China. e Yunnan Province is regarded to be the birthplace of tea, with Fengqing said to be home to the world's oldest cultivated tea tree, some 3,200 years old. at's really old. Super smooth, sweet and easy drinking, Classic Black is your trusty every day tea, it'll never let you down and guaranteed to delight even the pickiest tea connoisseur (and lets admit it, we all fall into that category!)..

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